Burg Wildenstein - Short walk along the "Donautrauf"

High above the Danube Valley on the Albtrauf is the Castle Wildenstein, one of the highlights of the short circuit trail „Kleine Donautrauf-Runde“. We initially planned a longer tour but due to the snow we decided the roughly 6km would be enough for the day.

Burg Wildenstein

We started at a parking lot right outside of Leibertingen. From here a "Walderlebnispfad" leads toward Burg Wildenstein through the forest. Along the trail is a aviary with two eagle owls and some information on the animals. After a only a bit more than a kilometer we reached Burg Wildenstein. The castle's location is truly impressive, and it's also pretty big. Today it is used as a youth hostel - what a place to spend the night! - and is normally also open for day tourists to have snacks and drinks. Due to the Corona lockdown it was unfortunately closed during our visite, but we'd really like to come back some time when it is open.

Snowed in forest road
Bridge and Gate leading into Burg Wildenstein


From the Castle we continue on the Walderlebnispfad, which now leads down into a little valley. The path here is in some places overgrown or blocked by fallen trees and hasn't been cleared after fall, so we walkd and climb around those places. Other than that it's good to walk, luckily not slippery or anything, so we continue and after the short descent soon walk up towards the Bandfelsen.  The snow here is ankle deep and we're having fun, enjoying the winter wonderland that we've been missing for the last few years.

The Bandfelsen is a viewpoint towards the danube valley and to the Burg Wildenstein. The viewpoint towards the castle has a railing, but the main viewpoint to the danube valley doesn't. We kept a bit further away from the edge of the cliff to make sure to stay safe in case it got slippery. This probably isn't a good spot for people afraid of heights in the wintertime.

After the Bandfelsen the trail leads back toward Leibertingen mostly on wider paths and forest roads. Upon reaching the village again we took a right turn and continued along the road for a few meters before the path started again on the right, crossing a field before reaching another village road. Another right turn led us back on the road to our parking lot, where finished our hike.


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