Castle Hohenzollern

The famous Burg Hohenzollern is located just a few kilometers from the town where Tim grew up. Even though we've visited the castle itself a few years ago, we had so far never been to the lookouts providing the most stunning views of the castle.

So this year around Christmas, when snow started falling and the swabian alb was clad in white, we decided that this is our turn. We did want to avoid the crowds though, so we made sure to start extra early and got up before the sun had risen. The car ride to the parking lot near the Zeller Horn was already an adventure in itself, with the roads icy and not yet cleared of snow.

Once getting there, the sky started to glow pale blue and sun rise wasn't far away. So we plodded through the untouched snow, reaching the lookout shortly before the sun came up at the horizon. The castle itself is illuminated just a little bit at night, so it was visible even in the dark. Besides us there was one other group of people there, that obviously also was there for the pictures, other than that it was a calm morning. 

With the rising sun came a bit fog, and once it got lighter, we noticed that the castle itself actually wasn't covered in snow. It's a few hundred meters below the lookout where we stood in the snow, but down there most had already thawed and it wasn't currently snowing either. But even though the castle itself didn't end up quite the motive we had expected, we stille enjoyed our frosty early morning hike.

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In general we're super happy with the outcome of our little expedition. Even though the situation wasn't quite what we had hope for or expected it was still a fun experience.

We have heard that the Zeller Horn is swarmed with people during the day, so it seems like once again it was absolutely worth it to be in place early.


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