Our 2020

2020 was a very special year in so many ways. While a lot of people can't wait for it to be over, we actually have to admit it wasn't so bad a year for us after all.

The beginning of the year started so much like any other. We were busy with work and not getting out much - we actually have basically no pictures from January to March!


In March the pandemic hit Germany. Once  schools were shut down and also much of social life, we soon we're both sent home to work from remote. For years we hadn't gotten to spend so much time together! While it hurt not being able to see friends and family, we did enjoy being able to have lunch and coffee breaks together every day. So for us, conveniently both having jobs that allow working from home, the shutdown wasn't all bad.

April & May

During April and May we started exploring more and more around our region. Being stuck inside at the computer most of the time, we enjoyed every minute outdoors and took longer trips than we usually do. We visited the nearby Mönchbruch Nature Reserve and the Felsenmeer Lautertal, and sometimes drove a bit further, e.g. to hike the Traumschleife Baybachklamm in the Hunsrück region or the Wispertalsteig in the Taunus. Towards the end of may be took our first bikepacking trip, leading us through the beautiful Odenwald and showing us just how close the good things than be.

June & July

In June we united with my sister for a trip in the northern Harz region, exploring the Town of Goslar, the Teichhausmoor and the beautiful Bodetal. Then came the biggest drawback the pandemic year had in store for us. Our wedding was set to take place in July, and every day we were waiting on news, wether we could actually celebrate or have to be on our own. In the end we were super lucky to hit a sweet spot with very low infection rates and we had our wedding as planned. Almost, anyways - while not all people we would have wanted to be there could come, due to travel restrictions, most other things fell in place mere days before the event. And despite all the worries and the few restrictions that were still in place for our party, we wouldn't have had it any other way – this truly was a year we'll never forget.

Our wedding photos were taken by Jule of JSCHKA

September, October, November

At the end of September we took a short vacation into the Nahe Region, a tiny but special honeymoon. We hiked to the spectacular Rotenfels massive and paddled the River Glan – and just had a wonderful time during those last late summer days before fall really set in.

Once fall came, the infection rates started to rise again, and once again I was sent home to work remote after spending most of the summer at the office. Tim had now been working from home for more than half a year. In the weekends we went out to walk through colorful forests or  sometimes foggy, damp weather. And suddenly the year was almost over.


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