Winterwonderland at the Feldberg

When we looked at options on what to do for this weekend, we checked out the forecast and it suggested that it might be snowing again. Since we didn't really have much snow and cold weather this winter, we really like the idea of another snow day. So we decided to go somewhere, where the snow actually staying for a few hours seemed more likely than in our hometown.

The Feldberg in the Taunus Region here in Hesse seemed like a good option. A lot of times when it wasn't quite cold enough for snow or we had just a light dusting at our house, we'd heard in the forecasts that there was indeed quite some snow on the Feldberg. It's only a 40 minute drive from where we live, so, why not?

Our decision turned out to be a good one. While it was drizzling when we started driving, it got colder as soon as we got closer to the Feldberg. And it was snowing. When we got out of the car we were a bit surprised how cold it felt, but we got warmer quickly once we started the climb.

The futher we got the top of the mountain, the more people we met. Many people with kids had brought sledges and came riding down the path we walked up. The snow was ankle-deep in most places and made walking the steeper slopes a bit slippery. Another thing that changed was the weather. By the time we got to the peak we could hardly see more than 20 meters in front of us, it was so foggy. We soon got pretty cold when we took out the cameras to capture the almost unnatural atmosphere. The light gloves we had brought just weren't enough to shield our fingers from the bite of the wind.

On our way back down we took some smaller paths and slogged through the slow in a slower pace. But as soon as we had left the "peak" of the Feldberg we were rid of the wind again and had some time to enjoy the pure beauty of all the snowy trees and ice crystals everywhere. Winter truly is a magical season if you give yourself the chance to see it.

Großer Feldberg

The "Großer Feldberg", approximatly 880m, is the highest peak in the Taunus Region. While in good weather the view should really be enough to make a trip to the Feldberg enjoyable, there are a few things to do if you want more. There is an observation tower for an even better view of the surrounding areas, a restaurant if you didn't bring your own food to enjoy, and a rearing station for birds of prey that can be visited for a small fee in the summer months.


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