Sightseeing and the Markets

After both having started new jobs at the beginning of this year, in May we finally managed to take a few days off for ourselves to have a little trip. Since I have a friend there that I really wanted to visit for a while, and it had also been on our list of "want-to-go-places" for quite some time, we decided for a short trip to London.
Our trip started early in the morning, when we got up at 2 o'clock to drive to the airport and catch our flight. The good thing about flying early is that you still have the whole day ahead of you. And we used it well.

With my friend as a guide we explored the city. Our first stop was the Borough Food Market, a wonderful place where you can not only buy all sorts of fresh vegetables and fruits, cheese and deli, but also great varieties of street food, freshly prepared for the passers-by.

I have to admit - this was heaven for me. There's hardly anything I enjoy more than good food and good company. We continued our day with a walk around the city, going by almost every sight London has to offer. We saw the London Eye, Big Ben, the Buckingham Palast.

When evening finally came around we were tired and had sore feet from walking, but happy about a wonderful day in a great city.

And even though I was a bit sceptical of british people, as they have a weird accent (to me!) and some weird traditions. But now I like them a lot, because they know the truth about cake!


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