More food - and some critters

Our second day in London went a suspiciously similar way to the day of our arrival. First thing in the morning we started into the city, our first stop being Regent's Park, where we spent sime time wandering around . We saw quite a few cute little critters, mostly squirrels, ducks and geese.

Our destination was Primrose Hill, one of the few eleviations in a mostly flat city. The 'peak' of Primrose Hill gave us a great view of London's Skyline, and a lot of wind to mess up our hair.

From Regent's Park it's not far off to Camden Town, a place we really wanted to visit anyway, and a place promising to extend our previous London-Street-Food-experience. So off to we went to the Camden Lock Market and its Street Food Stalls.

Oh glorious food! This market really is all about street food and not a market to buy vegetables or things like that. Instead they have great varieties of freshly prepared food from all sorts of countries. The three of us each decided on different sort of take-aways, but everything we could see seemed like the best choice available. While I just had Quinoa with a variety of roasted vegetables, Tim settled for potatoes with cheese, bacon and some rucola. Our guide Helena decided on a delicious looking wrap with freshly grilled fish. We also saw different sorts of paella, grilled meats, wraps and mac'n'cheese, but also sweets like fudges, cakes and cookies.

After or short expedition to the food market we went through the famous shops and stalls of the Camden Market (Stables Market). A part of the market is underground in the Horse Tunnel Market, decorated with big bronze figures of horses, which I thought is pretty cool. Other than that the market had all sort of things to offer. From useless souvenir-knick-knack, cheap china-made clothing and stuff to cool alternative things we saw pretty much everything.

After the masses of people at the market we decided we need a coffee somewhere more relaxed. For that purpose we found the "My Village Cafe", a very curious little restaurant/cafe/bar/thingie with a great atmosphere, kind of hard to explain. The owners were also really nice and we not only got the coffee we had asked for but also some food samples to try, for example their unique "Grandma Soup" ;)

Then the day met it's end and it was time for us to go back to our temporary home in Crystal Palace. We did go for a cider in a local pub though. Had to!


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