Kew Gardens

After two days in the city we decided to spend a day out in the green. First thing in the morning we went to Sainsbury's to buy food for a nicle little picnic. Most importantly scones, clotted cream and jam. Then we went on our way out to Kew Gardens, the royal botanical gardens. The gardens not only have giant greenhouses but also wild forest areas, pretty flowerbeds and a chinese-style pagoda.

The different greenhouses are home to plants from different climate regions. The biggest greenhouse, the temperate house, was undergoing construction, so we couldn't see or visit it. But the oldest greenhouse all in victorian style, the palm house looked really magnificent and was open for visitors.

Usually the staircases are open and allow visitors to climb up to a elevated gangway around the top part of the green house. Those were closed during our visit also. One of the smaller greenhouses is home to a pond of waterlilies and other waterplants. The air in there was incredibly thick and warm and humid.

Since we came to Kew during spring some parts of the park sported some special vegetation, for example the beautiful bluebell flowers, that grew in great patches throughout a little forest.

Another attraction of the park is the "treetop-walkway", a walkway connecting several platforms, almost 20 meters from the ground, allows you to view the green diversity of the park from above.

Last but not least just a few of the many impressions we collected throughout a long, beautiful day at Kew.


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