After a nice breakfast with Bagels and Cream Cheese we walked out to the Homer Spit. The view from the top of that short strip of land was incredible, since we basically had a 360° view around Kachemak Bay. The weather was OK, it wasn't very cold and it wasn't raining, but it was pretty foggy out there, so we couldn't see the glaciers that are supposed to be there. Instead we saw the blue-ish silhouettes of the mountains stacked up after each other, everything wrapped in fog and clouds, which gave us to the possibility to take some really nice pictures nevertheless. It almost gave the impression of twilight all day.

As we had the day before, we saw some more bald eagles, and when we walked down the beach during low tide we also saw quite a few seagulls and (dead) jellyfish.

After our little excursion along the Homer Spit we went to see "Old Town". It wasn't all that impressive, as the "old" buildings didn't look much different than the more recent ones, and also there were only very few of them. To us germans it does seem funny that all sorts of buildings from 1920-1960 are considered very "historic". Since "Old Town" didn't really offer enough to stay there all afternoon we went to the Alaska Islands and Oceans Visitor Center. They had a very impressive, interactive exhibit about the wildlife at Kachemak Bay and the Aleutian Islands that we all enjoyed very much. The Center also has a Trail System that leads down to the shore and offers spots designated to birdwatching.


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