From Homer to Seward

Day 10 started with a lot of rain at night, which made packing up the tent much harder than hoped for. The rain kept pouring down while we travelled up the Sterling Highway towards Kenai, where we intended to do a short surprise-stop to visit some aquaintances of our hostfamily. Sadly the people we wanted to visit were't at home. Since it was still raining we ended up just driving around the town, going to the Visitors Center and then hitting the road again.

Just before getting to Seward we saw lots of cars parked in a rest area and people with cameras standing on a nearby bridge. It turned out they were watching an adult moose cow on one side, and two young moose on the other side of the bridge. So we also got out of the vehicle, grabbed our cameras and took a bunch of pictures. These moose were a lot closer than the ones we had seen before, so we managed to get a few pretty good pictures, especially of the moose cow.

Shortly after we got to Seward. At first we thought "Millers Landing" was located somewhat close to the end of town, but it turned out we were pretty far away. It took a two mile long, slim gravel road, wedged between the ocean and a mountain, to get there. Because of all the hard rain the road was washed out pretty far and giant potholes forced us to go really slow, while still being shaken in our car.

At the campground we set up the trailer and the tent (still soaking wet) and got settled. By the evening the rain slowed down and turned into a drizzle. We started a fire, had dinner and made some more s'mores, which made the evening all right.


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