From Denali to Anchorage

Before we had to leave the Denali National Park we decided we wanted to drive the Park Road as far as you are allowed with our own vehicle. And we were so glad we did! We not only saw the first bull moose of our vacation, we also did finally get to see a bear. A real life grizzly bear. As we first saw it, he was really far away and could hardly be seen without the help of our binoculars. He was on the other side of a riverbed and went into the bushes. After a while we decided to go down there to get some pictures of the valley - not having the best feeling....

After getting back to the road we saw that the Grizzly had changed his direction. By now he was right in the area where we were just about half an hour ago. I'm really glad we decided to get out of there.

As we did have to leave Denali finally, our road led us down the Parks Highway. We did stop at several locations to take a few pictures, two of them were designated viewpoints for Mt. McKinley (or "Denali"). Of course the mountain was covered in clouds though, as it is most days. We did get to see the peak though. Later in the day we finally did get back to Anchorage, pretty exhausted but happy.


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