The Eagle River Nature Center

For our first day back in Eagle River we wanted to do something, but somewhere in the area, so we drove out to the Eagle River Nature Center. They have a bunch of nice hiking trails out there where we planned to spend our day. Since it was cloudy and we didn't know how long it would stay dry, we took all our rainy-day-gear and went out there. The trail we initially wanted to hike, called Albert Loop Trail, was closed due to bears fishing for salmon, so we went for the longest trail in the center. We looked out for wildlife during the hike, but didn't see anything but trees, water, trees and, yeah, more trees. Plus some mushrooms...

It would have been around 6 miles long (10km) if we had walked the whole thing. We did cut it after about 3/4 of the way, because it started to look like rain, and instead went back to the center and added a shorter trail that had plattforms for beaver- and salmon watching. We saw some fish, but no beavers. Neither did we see bears, even though we really wanted to. Probably because they were all down at Albert Loop Trail. So we didn't really get to fulfill our goal, but at least we had some exercise.


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