Te Araroa Gear List

Of course we researched thorougly before buying the equipment we needed for our little adventure.

On previous trips and tramps we had mostly borrowed things from family and friends, so we decided it was finally time to buy our own equipment. That meant we had to get all the expensive things like tent, backpack and sleeping bag. But that also meant, we had the choice to buy them perfectly suited for what we have planned, instead of having to use equipment that might not be up to the task.

The first item we bought was our new Tent, the MSR Hubba Hubba NX. From there on, it just rolled. Every few weeks the mail would bring boxes containing some more items for our hike, and everytime we received a box we got even more excited.

Then we tried and tested everything we had on three test hikes on the Neckarsteig, Soonwaldsteig and Albsteig.

When we are done with the Te Araroa, we'll start reviewing the items and our gearlist, to show what we liked and what not, what we took that we didn't need or what we didn't take, but would have liked to have along the way.

Item Tim's Pack Weight (in grams) Sonja's Pack Weight (in grams)
Backpack   1404   1190
Backpack ÜLA Circuit 1300 Gregory Octal 55 1100
Raincover     Gregory Octal Packcover 90
Pack Liner Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil 70L 104    
Sleeping System   1214   2807
Sleeping Bag Cumulus LiteLine 400 L Hydrophobic 768 Cumulus LiteLine 400 S Hydrophobic 719
Sleeping Pad NeoAir X-lite Regular 366 NeoAir X-lite Wmns Regular 349
Pillow Fillo Elite Ultralight 80    


Tent     MSR Hubba Hubba 1648
Groundsheet     MYOG Polycryo 91
Cooking System       428
Pot     Evernew Titanium 1.3L 153
Cooker     SOTO Windmaster 67
Spices       50
Cup     Toaks 450 70
      Keith 300 52
Sporks     2 x Light my Fire Spork 22
Clothes   2093   1623
Underwear Icebreaker Boxer 70 Icebreaker Siren,
Mons Royal Everyday Brief
Socks (Walking) Axant Merino 49

Smartwool PhD Outdoor Ultralight

Socks (Sleeping)     Smartwool HikeLight Crew 80
Shirt Short Tierra 174 Icebreaker TechLite Scoop 86
Shirt Long Forclaz Merino Techwool 190 194 Forclaz Merino Techwool 190 102

Meiersports Norrit

164 Crane Sports Shorts 74
Long Johns Forclaz Merinotights Techwool 190 175 Forclaz Merinotights Techwool 190 159
Rainshell Outdoor Research Helium 182 Marmot Essence 156
Rainkilt MYOG 50 MYOG 50
Fleece Mountain Equipment Solar Eclipse 176

Northface Glacier 100 1/4

Downjacket Patagonia Micropuff 279 Forclaz Trek 500 240
Buff Buff Merino Wool Uni 35 Mons Royal 48
Gloves Quechua Trek 500 57 Quechua Trek 500 47
Hat Craft 34 Kalenji Run Night 30
Camp Shoes Vivobarefoot Ultra III 460 Vivobarefoot Ultra III 300
First Aid   55   388
Needle & Thread Hotel Sewing Kit 12    
Sleeping Pad Repair Therm-A-Rest Repair Patches 6    
Cord Dyneema Cord 3mm 12    
Trekking Pole Tips Black Diamond      
First Aid Kit     Ibuprofen, Vomex, Immodium, Antibiotic, Bandages, Desinfectant, BandAids, Leukoplast Tape 388
Teeth 2x Toothbrush, Toothpase 130    
Hair Hairbrush, wooden 55    
Towel Packtowl 94 Packtowl Utralite 46
Female Hygiene     Liners, Tampons, Menstrual Cup 83
Hand Sanitizer     Hand Sanitizer 153
Sunscreen     50+ 50ml 61
Insect Repellent Off! Tester 48    
Nail Scissors Wilkinson 21    
Shampoo Fibertec TravelSoap Eco 200    
DentalFloss w/o Packaging 6    
Pee Rag     MYOG Cotton 15
Razorblade   1    
Tech   3480   377
Tablet Kindle Fire HD10 502    
Camera Fuji XT3 (incl. Lens 10-24 4.0) 988    
Camera Cover Fabric Wrap 52    
Lens Fuji XC 50-230 428    
Lens Fuji XF 35 2.0 164    
Lens Case Fabric Lensbag 22    
Battery 2 x Fuji Battery 98    
Tripod Gorillapod      
Camerastrap PeakDesign Leash 59    
Camera Clip PeakDesign Capture Clip 110    
Charger Camera 43    
Charger Watch 23    
Charger MiBand 6    
Powerbank Anker 26000mAh 460    
Cardreader UGREEN Micro USB 31    
Phone iPhone 7 158 Honor 8 (incl. cover) 173
eBook Reader     Kindle Paperwhite 204
Adapter Skross 48    
FastCharger Tizi Tankstelle 107    
Other   697   721
SafetyBeacon kti gps PLB 141    
Flashlight Nitecore NU25 51 petzl elite 26
Seating Pad Thermarest Z-Seat 57 Noname 30
Waterfilter Sawyer Mini 90    
Sunglasses incl. case   incl. case & cleaning cloth 96
Trowel     The Deuce 13
Drybag Clothes Sea to Summit Ultra-SIL Nano 4L   Sea to Summit Ultra-SIL Nano 4L  
Drybag Sleeping Bag Sea to Summit Ultra SIL Nano   Sea to Summit Ultra SIL Nano 8L  
Drybag Tech Osprey Ultralight 6L      
Packsack Misc Osprey Ultralight 12L   Quechua Rucksack Ultrakompakt 10L  
Notebook       107
Pen       11
Wallet   145   130
Passports   50   50


Gear Shakedown

We actually didn't change much throughout our hike, we were really happy with pretty much everything we'd taken with us.

Light my Fire Spork
Those didn't serve us very well - the first one broke within the first two weeks of our hike and we replaced both sporks with with the "Sea to Summit Alpha Light Long Spoon", since we weren't really happy with the really short standard sporks. And we never really needed a fork anyways, spoon and our pocket knife were usually enough.

Other than that we lost our Opinel pocket knife somewhere along the way and replaced it with pretty much exactly the same one.

The things we'd preferable left behind were most of our warmer clothes, but those of course we needed for safety reasons.

Other gear lists

When deciding what to buy and what we need, we found a lot of really great blogs with great, thorough gear lists that helped us immensely. We stuck mostly to german blogs, as those was the gear we expected to be able to buy around here, too.
The ones we mostly used to compile our final gear are the ones listed below:

teararoanobo (Not just a list but rather a list of tips on how to plan your gear)


zuhauseimwald (German only)

explore-360-degrees (German only)

Techtest (German only, helped us a lot deciding in regards to charger + powerbank)


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