We used the Monday after Valborg to explore Uppsala. We were really lucky with the weather, because the sun was shining brightly and it was warm enough to even take of the jacket and enjoy the sun. While the trees had been mostly bare when we arrived we could now see the buds on the trees. Spring really had arrived with Valborg.

First of all we went to see the Domkyrkan, Uppsala's Cathedral. At 119m high it is the highest church building in Sweden. Historically the church was of high relevance and the crowning and burial place of many swedish kings.

Then we tried to get into the Carolina Rediviva, which is the Universities Library, but it was closed because of Valborg. We took a look at the Castle, and the Botanical Gardens behind it, then we just walked through the town and had "fika" – coffee and pastries – at the "Kafferummet Storken". That is a really neat place, it's kind of hidden away, but it is a nice place with great pastries and a nice roof terrace, where you can sit outside.

Later on we moved on to the Uppsala Konsert & Kongress Building, hoping to be able to go up and have view across Uppsala - but it was also closed because of Valborg.


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