Since Stockholm is only a short train ride from Uppsala, we definitely didn't want to miss the opportunity to visit there. We had to realize that one day really isn't enough to explore everything, but this will still be a long post with many photos.

Once again we were incredibly lucky with the weather – it was a beautiful spring day, warm and sunny, and the flowers and trees now started blooming everywhere.


We started the day by visiting Skansen. Skansen is a open-air museum showcasing building from different regions and time periods of Sweden.

Many houses are "inhabitet" by staff, dressed in clothing appropriate to the house's time period and will tell you the story of the house and its former inhabitants or demonstrate the crafts that the houses were used for – for example: in the flatbread bakery two women showed how the traditional flatbread was baked, explained the ingredients and even gave us some fresh bread to try.

The farmsteads in the park have gardens that also fit the time period, and some even have animals roaming around, usually rare old breeds. There is also a zoo of northern animals included in the park, where you can see moose, wolves and bears.

Skansen was a great experience and I think this is definitely a thing you should go see, just because it shows such a vast spectrum of Sweden's history and culture. It is time consuming though – we spent a few hours there and still only saw a part of the park. Ideally you should plan a lot more time for it though than the few hours we had.


Next up, we went to the "Vasamuseet", the museum of the warship "Vasa" that sunk in the 1600s on its maiden voyage - and was salvaged almost completely a few years back. The ship is huge, and the museum is kind of built around it, so that is pretty special. The story around the ship is also pretty fascinating. I think even people that normally feel museums are boring will have fun at this one.


After the museum we were really hungry, so we went to a supermarket and got some food for a picnic. We went to wooden boardwalk at the edge of Södermalm to have our food there, complete with a stunning sight across the water to Stockholm's Islands Kungsholmen and Gamla Stan. We also walked up to the "Gondolen", which also offered a great view over the city.

Gamla Stan and the Royal Palace

For the afternoon we decided to just have a walk through Gamla Stan and see the old town and the royal palace.

The Tunnelbana

After a long day we were really tired, and our feet hurt. Even though there were still many more things to explore, time was running out. We decided to finish off our day with a visit to a few of Stockholm's "Tunnelbana" Stations – many of them have colorful designs painted all over them. We had seen pictures of them before and we absolutely wanted to see them.

The Tunnelbana Stations are a must-see in our eyes - but either do some research before, so you know which ones you really want to see, or take enough time to really travel through a few, hopping on and of the tram whenever you see something you like.


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