Burg Rodenstein in Reichelsheim

A few weeks back we took long hike in the Odenwald Region, around the town of Reichelsheim. We've been using "Komoot", an app with maps for hikers and bikers, for a while now, and this was one of the tours the app suggested to us, when we plugged in that we'd like to see some stuff and walk at least two hours.

Reichelsheim is about 40 minutes by car from where we live, but if we could go straight there, it would probably take more like 20. Driving into the Odenwald Regions requires some time though, because the roads are fairly narrow, with lots of curves and just not made to speed.

We started walking and the Caste Ruins came up after only fifteen minutes of walking. The general outer walls of the castle mainly remain standing, but there are no big towers left. We tried taking pictures of it, but somehow they all ended up crappy. We did take many pictures of moss and ivy growing across the castle ruins though, and some of those did turn out nicely.

After the break at the castle we continued walking and the tour led us to some very scenic places. We kind of felt like we were on holidays. There were hills and cows and little farms, it looked almost like some places in Austria, the only thing missing where the higher mountains in the background. It just was one of those days when I really realized that sometimes the goods things are so close by, and we just don't notice because we're always so focused and going somewhere else. Germany has so many pretty corners.

We had taken some cookies and fruits with us for a picnic, and even though the castle hadn't been all that spectacular, we had a really nice walk and enjoyed Reichelsheim very much.


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