Wild and beautiful: Wörschachklamm

It's an easy walk through the Wörschachklamm, but all the more beautiful. The deep gorge cut into the rocks is nowadays made easily accessibly by wooden footbridges, so it's probably also a great destination for a family trip.

The entrance to the gorge is about 10 minutes from the parking lot. There is a small fee required to enter, then the trail begins right away. Most of it is leading through the gorge on wooden footbridges and ladders. Along the way are some information signs explaining the history of the gorge. Both the geological formation process as well as human use. And that is actually very interesting, as in early years wooden bridges spanned the whole gorges, which were even used by horse carriages. After better means of transportations were found the bridges were abandoned and only years later it was made accessible again with wooden planks - this time mostly for enjoyment. In some places the nooks that once held the bridges can still be found.

The gorge is very narrow in most places and at the bottom of the steep rock walls a river is still cutting its way through the ground. Walking the planks and then looking down is very impressive.

Upon reaching the end of the gorge the visitors are presented with a few options to continue walking. So you can either just turn around and return through the gorge, continue on several circuits leading by other sights, as the Burg Wolkenstein or a donkey farm.

Burg Wolkenstein

We chose to continue via Burg Wolkenstein that we had seen sitting enthroned on the huge rock above the gorge. The walk was easy and fast. And we didn't find the castle itself as interesting as we had hoped, it did provide a great view across the Ennstall.

From the old castle it's just a fifteen minute walk back to the parking lot.


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