The second day in Tok did also start quite uneventful. As we already told you, we picked lots of lots of blueberries on our way back home from Shen. If you want to use those tasty little blue things for a cake (Donna made a yummy coffeecake) you’re unfortunately going to have to pull out all remaining stems and clean them first.

After cleaning the blueberries we took out the GoKart for a ride around the house, which was real fun. This is something you’re really not able to do in Germany that way. We also mounted the GoPro on it and got a video of the ride...

Mukluk Land

Later on, we went to the infamous Muklukland, which is - truly speaking - the only attraction of Tok. And it’s kind of a really strange thing. We met another german man there who visited for the second time. He found the right words: „Das ist so ein Mist hier, da muss man einfach wiederkommen!“ (English: "This is so crappy, you just can't help but come back"). And obviously the concept really works – the park has been there for exactly 30 years now.

There’s an exhibition of some historical technical stuff, e.g. snow machines, engines, whatsover – all displayed outside. Everything is rusty and broken which makes it look more like a junkyard. There is a huge model of "Santa's Rocketship", a collection of outhouses and then there are two cabins with some (actually.. many) weirdo dolls. You can watch movies on a tiny tube TV and let the host explain some things about it. For other things to actually do, there is skeeball, a mini golf park and (the best thing) a bouncy house. Playing catching games with a whole lot of kids in a bouncy house can be really funny - even if you’re already 25. ;-)

When you’re done with that and you’re all tired and worn out you can go get some cotton candy, popcorn and soda.


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