Hiking Mile Hi

As the weather was absolutely beautiful we took the opportunity to do a real hike today. We were told that the walk up to "Mile Hi" was only a short hike of about thirty minutes, but it ended up being a real steep mountain trail and we did also take a lot longer than those thirty minutes. There were quite a view very good photo opportunities along the way and we stopped several times just to take in the scenery with our hearts and minds and especially our cameras...

The reason why we took so long was only partly due to the path we walked on, or the many photos we took, but more due to the things we found along the path – there were huge amounts of blueberries growing everywhere around the mountain top and we stopped every few meters to pick handfuls of the berries. And they were really good, and there is no way to compare those tasty mountain-berries to store-bought blueberries that might be huge and blue but in no way have as much aroma as the ones we found up there.

When we finally reached the top we were all exhausted, but also stuffed with blueberries and therefore pretty happy. The view was amazing. We cold see very far and my host brother told us about the names of many of the peaks – which I can't remember now.

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Katharina|8 years ago

How sure were you, as you tried these blueberries, that they were REAL blueberries? I think I would have been too afraid to try some of these, since I don't know anything about poison berries in Alaska. :D
But the views are really breathtaking! How high have you been on that mountains? And how warm was it?


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