Short hike to the Slap Boka Viewpoint

Before leaving Bovec and the Soca valley and drive towards Bled we wanted to visit another famous natural highlight in the region, the majestic "Slap Boka" (Boka Waterfall).

It is not even necessary to take a hike to see the waterfall, as it can be seen from the road leading from Bovec to Kobarid. But the short trail does lead to several viewpoints that grant ever more impressive views of the waterfall.

We parked our car at the Hotel Boka, just a few meters down the road from the trail head. There we took short stroll across a nearby bridge, once again amazed by the incredibly blue water of the Soca river.

From the parking lot it's just 15 minutes of easy walking to the main viewpoint, which has a wooden platform overlooking the valley. After that, it's possible to continue the trail upwards, which we of course decided to do. The trail further up from the main viewpoint is very steep and partly in poor shape and the upper viewpoints are not developed as platforms, but are just rocky outcrops with no trees. That made for a nice little hike for us, but we would only recommend the trail for physically fairly fit people with solid footwear and no fear of heights.

The effort does pay off though, as the views get better the higher you get!


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