Onwards to Havelock

After our night spent at the Smiths Farm Holiday Park we continued along the Queen Charlotte Drive towards Havelock. It's a fairly busy road, but we were still determined to not start skipping bits right at the beginning. So we walked on the road shoulder.

Walking the road isn't really a pleasure. We soon noticed that our feet hurt a lot more when walking on asphalt for a while, and the cars zipping by were partly really scary. Every now and then the Link Pathway suddenly showed up beside the road and we gladly followed it into the bushes. In the future the Pathway will supposedly connect Picton, Anakiwa and Havelock, but right now it's only short sections.

We unfortunately missed one turnoff to the Link Pathway, so we had to backtrace our way in a particular curvy section. When we were almost were hit by a car (and it wasn't their fault, they just couldn't see us by the side of the road with all the curves and hills) we also decided that we road sections were not a must in the future. We would now gladly skip them, if we could get a lift.

Once we had gotten back on the Link Pathway we figured that now we were mostly done with the road too, from here on the trail ventured off further away from the road, mostly quite a bit above it, providing great views into the Queen Charlotte Sound, and later onto Havelock.


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