Weekend Trip to Hamburg

Last weekend we went for a short trip to Hamburg. We drove there on Saturday morning and back on Saturday evening. The reason for the trip were tickets for a musical, "Ich war noch niemals in New York", we had gotten very cheap through a friend. The Musical was allright. It's far from becoming my favorite musical, but I had been really sceptical and it ended up being a lot better than I though. Music-wise at least. The story is...well...VERY shallow.

We did really enjoy roaming around the city though andwould have liked to stay longer, but it just didn't work out. Saturday we mostly spent at the musical, then in the evening in the Schanzenviertel in search for food - we were so hungry we forgot all about taking pictures. We ended up eating at the "Taverna Romana", a restaurant with italian and greek food that is located in the rooms of a former 18th century distillery and wine shop.

We spent the night in a room found via Airbnb in the city quarter Dulsbek. For breakfast we went to Cafe May, a bakery chain in Hamburg. The Wandsbek one was really cute, and thinking about it I am really a bit sad that we forgot to take our cameras. They had different rooms with different furniture and decoration, mostly in a rustic antique style, it was just really nice and the prices were reasonable.

The rest of our time in hamburg we spent looking at the city. First of all we went to the Speicherstadt. Unfortunately the weather wasn't too good, but that part of the city is just stunning with the canals and the red brick buildings. Everything is so uniform and still so different. We already put this on our list of places to visit again, because we'd really love to see it at night.

During our littel Sightseeing-Tour we also took a look at the Elbphilarmonie. Somehow we didn't find it all that impressive but that might have been due to the very gloomy weather. Afterwards we went to the "Landungsbrücken" and walked through the old Elbtunnel, also called St.Pauli-Elbtunnel. That was actually a cool part, even though I had been sceptical at first. I especiall loved the car-elevators.

For anyone visiting that: Do it in the weekends because the tunnel will be closed for motorized traffic on Sundays. The road below is really narrow and I don't like the idea of having to share that with cars. Also the ambiente and I suppose also the noise level is probably much nicer with no cars around.

I guess the Elbtunnel is the one thing we did that I would definitely recommend to anyone visiting Hamburg.

Yep, and that's already pretty much it. We went into the old town part of Hamburg at the end of our stay, but due to a triathlon going on, we couldn't reach the things we wanted to see and it was just overcrowded. Oh well, I guess we'll be back some other time. ;)


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