Bensheim, Germany

Since this Blog is called "Adventures", not "travel", we decided we really want to share some more images and information about trips we take around our actual hometown. Those will go by the name of "localtourism", which we'll also use to tag them.

So today's trip went to Bensheim, Germany. A small town in the Region "Bergstraße". We really went there with no expectations at all, because we hadn't even visited the website. We just knew it was there, because we drive by the autobahn signs a lot. So today we finally went. And it ended up being a really nice afternoon.

We walked through the historic town center which is full of "Fachwerkhäuser", I think they're called half-timbered houses, and were stunned by the beautiful inside of St. Georgs Church. While not very spectacular from the outside, the interior was really well designed. Bensheims old town was not as small as expected and a lot prettier that we had thought. There were also quite a few nice little cafés that looked really inviting. Unfortunately, we could only try one ;) It was called "Cafe de Saxe" and they had great self-baked cakes there.


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