Torc Waterfall & the Killarney National Park

The first thing out our list today was a one-hour-horse riding trip through the Park with Killarney Stables. After that we had planned to hike up the Torc Waterfall today. During the ride we had great, beautiful weather, but as soon as we got to the parking lot at the bottom of the waterfall, it started raining. The path is actually very much like stairs, so we decided we could still give it a go.

We continued as planned. It first rained lightly, and then it started pouring down on us. While we slowly made our way up, sweating in our raincoats, the world seemed to end behind us.

It did get better pretty much as soon as we reached the highest part of the hike though, so we did have a bit of a panoramic view across the Killarney Lakes before we started to descend towards Torc Waterfall.

The Torc Waterfall itself was alright, but after all just another waterfall.

After our little hike we walked through the Killarney National Park, looking out over the lakes and the mountains on the other side. We ended our day at Muckross House, where we took a "Jaunting Car" back to the Parking Lot at Torc Waterfall.


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