Thunder Bird Falls

Since we used most of our day 16 to get everything ready for our road trip to Denali we didn't have time to do big excursions. Instead we went to the Thunder Bird Falls that are fairly close by Eagle River.

The area is located in the Chugach State Park and has two trails. One trail leads to an overlook over the Thunder Bird Falls. We didn't find that too impressive since we were pretty far away from it. The second trail leads down to the Thunder Bird Creek and allowed us to actually get up close with the waterfall, which was a lot more impressive.

What I personally liked just as much as the waterfall were the roots of the trees growing near the creek. All of them had giant roots sticking into the water, and others also had a web of roots along the path, and I found those really impressing. The whole scenery reminded me a little bit of Lothlorien in the Lord of the Rings books...


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