Resting at An Bang Beach

Today was our “day off” - we knew when we planned the trip that we would mostly be on the road, so we decided to take this day “off” for real, just going to the beach and doing nothing really. In the end it was a good decision because I also wasn’t feeling a hundred percent well and lying at the beach sounded a whole lot better than being on the road again.

We had decided the day before that we were going to risk renting a scooter one-way to Hue tomorrow, so we took the opportunity to rent a scooter for the day so Tim could practice driving in vietnamese traffic. We rode out to An Bang Beach and tried to find a nice and quite spot. We went to the far end of the beach, but due to the lack of shade anywhere else we stayed where there were parasols and lounge chairs. And then we did nothing. For a whole day.


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